While reading the biography of John Wesley, God intercepted the plans of a young mother in India with thoughts of abortion. Deeply moved by God through the life and testimony of John Wesley she altered her decision and brought forth a son into the world. Ever since that day she has not stopped praying that this son of hers would be an evangelist like John Wesley, consumed with a passion for souls.

Even as a child growing up in India, I remember feeling the Call as I listened to evangelists preaching the gospel in "open air" meetings; I envisioned that one day, like them I would be preaching the gospel. Prophetically my mother named me after John Wesley, a man with fiery passion to preach the gospel to the every soul. How can I turn out any different?

A few weeks following Billy Graham's death, Wesley spoke at his home church during Stir2018. Janet Paschal sang at the Senior event. There were 255 Decisions and 88 first time commitments to Christ.
The Pauls are on a Mission to Kenya - they travel as a family to Africa for the first time. Wesley is back to full-time evangelism. Debbie and Wesley partner together to raise awareness and speak about marriage and family life. Strengthening Marriages becomes a part of WPIM's vision.

In the Fall of 2017, Wesley is a guest speaker at First Baptist Spartanburg, SC, Billy Graham's home church under the invitation of Dr. Don Wilton. The Church experiences a powerful move of God and invites Wesley to return in March to hold a week-long revival meeting.

Wesley in partnership with Navis Samuel preached in Rajasthan, India to over 8,500 people. Over 500 families (nearly 3,000 people) decided to follow Jesus and join local churches in North India.
Wesley takes a break from international travel to attend to needs of the family. Works as a Hospice Chaplain to support family and learn the art of ministering to the dying.
Juja Gospel Festival in Kenya. For the first time an International team of evangelists gathered to evangelize Muranga region. Evangelists from South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, UK, North America, Korea and India.
2nd Sabasaba Festival in Kenya with 25,000 people which included community projects, such as remodeling and painting the local police station.
Wesley holds largest festival in Sabasaba, Kenya. Nearly 22,000 attend the festival.
Kaduna, Nigeria Gospel Festival. Organized and hosted by ECWA and COCIN Churches which drew about 10,000 at the Mortals Mohammed Square Stadium.
Nigeria Gospel festivals in Yola, Akwanga, Jos.
In July of 2001 Wesley was invited by New Life For All, an evangelistic organization and the Governor of Plateau State in Nigeria to conduct a festival. Over 35,000 attended the seven-day festival, 1,740 first time decisions were made and 705 decisions for recommitment. The success experienced in Nigeria paved the way for major festivals globally.
Billy Graham invited Wesley to be part of a Strategic Task Force in Amsterdam at the conference for evangelists. Over ten thousand evangelists attended this gathering; here Wesley had the opportunity to meet several religious leaders from around the world. Invitations and effective doors of ministry opened in Africa and Asia.
In 1999 Evangelist Luis Palau began mentoring emerging evangelists under the Next Generation Alliance mentoring program. The same year Wesley was initiated into the program and became a network evangelist with the Palau Association.

The same year Wesley's family moved to Lexington, Kentucky to be near Debbie's home. December 1999, WPIM was incorporated with the help of Dale Ditto. New friends from his local church and Lexington area began to support Wesley's ministry. Business man Eugene Warner donated 800 square foot of office space, thus providing a new home for WPIM.
In 1998 Dr. Ramesh Richard, president of RREACH and professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, invited Wesley to join him in the Philippines for a pastor's training event. God opened several opportunities to minister and work in the Philippines. The same year God also opened up doors in Africa and Brazil.

In the Fall of 1998 Verne Folkman along with several business men and friends organized an event at the Coralville Public library to support Wesley's global ministry. From the corn fields of Iowa to India and the nations God began to send this young evangelist.
In the Summer of 1997, after serving eight years in pastoral ministry Wesley set out to serve as an itinerant evangelist. The same year he traveled to India, Peru and Zimbabwe to preach the gospel. God confirmed the childhood calling and opened doors for a global ministry.
In 1996 Wesley met Ravi Zacharias during a visit to the University of Iowa, during the visit; Ravi invited Wesley to visit his Atlanta office in view of a ministry position. But God had other plans- While visiting Ravi's office; a Peruvian evangelist invited Wesley to preach at a national crusade - a new course was set in motion for a global ministry.
Wesley's father Edward Paul organizes a gospel meeting in Bangalore, India. Wesley preaches for the first time at an "open air" gospel meetings in India.
Wesley arrives in Kentucky to study at Cumberland College. At a local Baptist church he surrenders to full-time ministry. For the next several years Wesley begins to preach in local churches and travels as a revival preacher through the Baptist Students Union ministry.
At age nineteen with encouragement from a Canadian brother to prepare for ministry, Wesley leaves India to study at Caprenwray Harbour Bible Center in British Columbia, Canada. He arrives in Canada with $25 and learns to live a life of faith.

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