Hosting a Festival

Benefits of Hosting a Festival

  • Lost are won to Christ
  • Souls are added to the local churches
  • Evangelism Training... Your believers are trained to win souls
  • God brings Christian unity
  • Spiritual renewal and revival
  • Prayer movement is birthed
  • A community is impacted with the gospel and special needs have been met

How To Host a Festival

Prayer - Typically, an individual or a small group of pastors and/or lay leaders will pray together for awakening and renewal to come to their churches and homes. Through mobilization of prayer, the leaders and churches come catch a vision for a city-wide event.

Contact and Visitation from WPIM - When enough interest is expressed in a city wide event, contact is made with WPIM and Wesley or an associate visits to explore and discuss the possibility of scheduling a joint evangelistic event. During the initial meetings between the WPIM and the local leadership, most questions about the Festival process are answered.

Direction - Building a strong foundation is essential to the success of a WP Festival. Special banquets, rallies, and breakfasts are held for pastors, business leaders, and the general public to coalesce the community behind a singular goal – the evangelism of the local community. An experienced Festival Director will be assigned to coordinate all phases of the Festival.

Involvement - A Wesley Paul Gospel Festival is a community event. The local churches and businesses and their respective leaders support the Festival with their time, talents, and resources. Involvement and participation produces commitment. People from a variety of backgrounds serve on the all-important teams by volunteering to do whatever is necessary to “make it happen”. Each community instills its unique theme and spiritual goals for the Festival.

Organization - Because a Wesley Paul Gospel Festival “belongs” to the community in which it is held, our goal is to work hand-in-hand with the local leadership to establish the structure best suited for that particular community. Appropriate individuals are selected to serve on the General Committee and to serve as the various team leaders. Budgets are determined and a local office is established.

Training - The Festival Director oversees the training of volunteer counselors, ushers, choir members, and others who will perform various support functions. The training includes a Volunteer Recruitment Rally, which clarifies the vision and responsibilities of the various teams and helps insure that all of the tasks and events associated with the Festival will run smoothly.

Preparation - As described earlier, a primary component of the readiness process is prayer. Team leaders and members, staff, church congregations, pastors, community leaders, and other intercessors get together at Concerts of Prayer to provide a covering for the event. Additionally, pastors benefit from the Pastor and Leaders Conference. The entire community becomes aware of the upcoming Festival through a coordinated and concentrated publicity campaign. During the last few weeks before the Wesley Paul Gospel Festival, an emphasis is put on inviting friends, relatives, co-workers, and others by employing the Operation Andrew outreach card and festival fliers.

The Event - After months and days of praying and preparing the event is at hand… Music artist, arts/drama, powerful and persuasive preaching, inspiring testimonies, and moving music highlight the Festival. During the festival acts of compassion that aid the community will be entertained. Painting a school, cleaning up a park, collection of food, clothes, school supplies, etc, are encouraged to support various causes in the community.

Follow-up - Through the efforts of the Follow-up Team, those who make decisions for Christ are referred to a participating church and assigned to a mature believer to continue their discipleship. Decision cards are shared with pastors soon after the Festival for follow up.

WPIM is committed to maintaining a relationship with the community, which goes beyond the week of the Festival. We realize there is a great need for churches to keep the vision for evangelism and discipleship alive in the local church.

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