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Event Icon2018-06-17 - 2018-06-24

Deer Run Camps and Retreat, Nashville, TN

I will be serving as resident camp pastor to several hundred children and youth. Besides serving at the camp all week long, I will be ministering in several Nashville churches before and after the camp. Pray for open doors and opportunities to share about Christ and also connect with churches that can help us in our global reach.
Event Icon2018-07-30 - 2018-08-13

Transform 2018 - Sabasaba Festival, Kenya

We will be taking a large team of pastors, evangelists and lay people to serve the people of Kenya. We return to Sabasaba area where I have held several gospel festivals to host 7 simultaneous evangelistic festivals in the Muranga sub region and one main festival in Sabasaba Township. We will also preach in several schools, prisons, and churches and in market places.
Event Icon2018-09-07 - 2018-09-09

Glasgow area wide Marriage Seminar

The leaders from ministerial association from Glasgow, Kentucky have extended an invitation for Debbie and I to conduct a marriage seminar. We are very thrilled about this opportunity to strengthen marriages and speak into the lives of many couples.
Event Icon2018-09-13 - 2018-09-13

Carman Legacy Tour

Carman found resolve to go out on tour and win thousands of new souls to Christ. But with a new twist...FREE ADMISSION / NO OFFERING!! Carman said, "I want the unsaved coming to just focus on Jesus. I’ve never seen a FREE Concert Tour without an offering. It’s never been done. But to win souls you must plant faith in a community to reap faith in return. That faith shows up at the altar calls and that’s exciting". Hosted in partnership with Wesley Paul at River of Life, 1250 HWY 555 Springfield, KY. The concert starts at 7PM.
Event Icon2018-09-16 - 2018-09-19

Revive Us

Wesley is excited about returning to Main Street Baptist Church, Williamsburg, KY to speak at Revive Us. This was the first city in America that he came to and the first church that he joined in America. Wesley was baptized here and it was here that he surrendered to full time ministry in 1984. Pray for a great harvest and great work of revival.
Event Icon2018-11-27 - 2018-12-10

Mission to South Africa and Mauritius

I will be working with area churches and evangelists, speaking in several churches. Training churches in Personal Evangelism and speaking at several evangelistic events.

Cost/Need $5,000
Event Icon2019-01-16 - 2019-01-17

Campbellsville University

Event Icon2019-02-15 - 2019-02-16

Kentucky Baptist Convention- International Students Training Event

Event Icon2019-03-06 - 2019-03-18

Egypt Mission

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